Unconventional solutions


Each product comes with a warranty. All defects or malfunctions are rectified immediately, without unnecessary bureaucracy and, most importantly, without a long waiting period.


In the event of a problem, we immediately fix the breakdown, usually on the spot, right away, after the product is delivered to our location. If we are further apart, we will provide our courier service, which will safely deliver the bike to us.

Replacement engine

In the event of a motor failure, after delivering the bike to our authorized service center, you will receive a replacement engine on the spot. How so? Just like that! We will replace the damaged engine with a spare one right there and then, so you can continue to enjoy your equipment without unnecessary waiting for the warranty claim to be resolved.


All components are available in our warehouse. You don't have to worry about sourcing parts from abroad and waiting weeks for the component.


At our location, we will advise you on which product to choose to best suit your needs. We'll assist in selecting the right size, setting up your position behind the handlebars, and adjusting the suspension parameters correctly. You'll be taken care of by specialists who passionately dedicate themselves to the world of cycling.


You are supporting a Polish brand with great ambitions. We take pride in our work, which translates into excellent relationships with our customers.

Why should you choose TOSA bikes?

Every electric bike is characterized by fundamental features. Every user is characterized by style and individual preferences.

TOSA is characterized by versatility


The heart of our models mainly consists of Bafang motors, in versions M510 or M410, known for their reliability and practically zero failure rate. The noise level during operation remains very low, and the high power and torque make these motors among the strongest available on the market.

Brake system

Our E-Bikes are always equipped with high-quality braking systems. An electric bike has a significantly greater mass than traditional bicycles, so the brakes must ensure our safety. We use four-piston calipers and large brake disc diameters.


We conducted a series of stationary and field tests to assess the durability and behavior of our bikes under various riding conditions. Today, we can confidently state that our proposed solutions, based on the latest technologies, will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Drive system

Reliability and durability in off-road conditions and everyday use are our top priorities. That's why we equip our bikes with reinforced components designed to withstand significant torque, ensuring long-lasting performance and comfort during rides.


Our bikes are among the few on the market that feature high-capacity batteries. Thanks to them, you can enjoy long expeditions and off-road riding for an extended period. When your friends have to end their adventures due to a depleted battery, you can continue your journey. Our batteries are made in Poland and the European Union countries, meeting all the applicable norms and standards 🇪🇺


We value the comfort of travel. The high-quality and modern solutions used in both front and rear shock absorbers ensure perfect absorption of bumps on trails and paths, guaranteeing optimal damping.

Tosa mate made in poland

Would you like your bike to be unique?

We care about the satisfaction of every customer, which is why we adapt to your individual needs!
TOSA offers the possibility of individual orders and configuration of our product models. Thanks to individual configuration, you can tailor the bike to your needs, choosing various components and equipment to perfectly match it to your riding style. It’s like visiting a car dealership, where you can select many elements according to your preferences!

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