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The mountains are close to Krakow, actually beyond the border, because for us, depending on the route, the journey takes about an hour from here. Maybe in the season, we rarely come here because we are always looking for something new for solo trips and beyond 😉 But the shorter autumn days and the desire to sleep for a week won, so we chose the Gorce Mountains, which have not been visited for a long time. The route is one of many options here and a classic for everyone riding here, i.e. Rzeki-Turbacz-Jaworzyna-Gorc-Rzeki


Tosa AM1.0 in our current configuration, i.e. 27.5′ Maxxis Assegai 2.6 wheels, Fox 36 Factory front and modest Rock Shox Delux rear


Distance 34 km.

🕐Total time

4 hours – this time “boutique”

↗️Elevation gain

Łączna suma podjazdów 1198 metrów – w tym kontekście skromny dystans już się trochę broni

🔋Battery level, charging

Without any charging, there was still 59% of the battery left after the entire route

👨🏼‍💻Description Routes, weather conditions, difficulty level

Saturday greeted us with beautiful sunshine mixed with clouds which, fortunately, were only decorations and not a sign of deterioration of conditions, the standard autumn temperature, i.e. cool in the morning, about 5 degrees in the valley, and a cool 10-12 degrees during the day. The route we chose for Saturday is technically relatively easy for those already experienced in the mountains, although it has many places where you need to be vigilant, especially in wet seasons because there are a lot of slippery roots and stones covered with leaves, so it is not suitable for complete beginners. It is also a high-impact route because it has a lot of ascents, 1198 meters, in fact over a distance of about 15 km, so it’s “juicy” 🙂 Fortunately, the Gorce Mountains and Turbacz itself are a place full of so many route options that everyone will find a variant for themselves, There are plenty of descriptions and suggestions on the Internet.


The Gorce Mountains are one of the friendliest areas for tourism. They have rich infrastructure and are easily accessible. There are many options for entering Turbacz, the destination point for most visitors, starting from the above-mentioned rivers through Koninki, Rabka, Rdzawka or Nowy Targ, and there are even more route variants, so everyone will find something for themselves here. Unfortunately, accessibility also has its drawbacks – on nice days, there are crowds in the shelters, so we try to visit them only for a moment, because when going to the mountains, we are primarily looking for peace. You can eat and drink in the Shelter under Turbacz and on the uphill route from Rabka/Rdzawka and, to some extent, Koninki, also on Stare Wierchy. You can charge your bike in both places, although in Turbacz it is easier because there is a bicycle charging station in front of the shelter – for free 🙂

Finally, two words about route planning.

The trail drawn in the application or on the map only gives a general picture. First of all, right after the distance, carefully check the contours on which it runs because it gives a better picture of the route – sometimes most of the height difference is within a few kilometers. In addition to these two values, you must add information about the surface – look for descriptions, some photos on the Internet or simply ask on forums where there are plenty of topics on this topic. What you are driving on is of major importance and will decide whether you will drive or push or push, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Best regards and see you on the trail
Ania i Przemek
@Enduro Electric

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