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Małe wakacje czyli wypad bez grupy staramy się zawsze tak ułożyć by było inaczej niż z grupą właśnie czyli z reguły trudniej, dłużej, wyżej i tam gdzie nas dawno nie było. Tym razem padło na Śnieżnik. Start w Czarnej Górze wspinaczka na Śnieżnik (pierwszy z dwóch tego dnia 🙂) zjazd przez Mały Śnieżnik i Trójmorski Wierch do Dolni Morawy, wspinaczka na drugą stronę doliny, ponownie o zachodzie słońca Śnieżki i powrót do Czarnej góry.


For longer distances, Tosa AM1.0 with an 840Wh battery is always a good choice, the fact that the voltage is 48V is important, because with this capacity the battery has a larger number of cells, and there is no need to explain what this means for the range. Our copy is in size S with 27.5′ wheels. What distinguishes it from the series is the tire diameter – 2.6 inches and the model: Maxxis Assegai – for us the only right option at the moment. Fox 36 Factory front fork in gypsy gold (Kashima).


Distance 59 km.

🕐Total time

Total time with all breaks and Czech lunch is 7 hours. The maximum speed recorded on the return route is 70.1 km/h.

↗️Elevation gain

Total climb 2198 meters.

🔋Battery level, charging

The entire distance was traveled without charging – we checked in at the hotel with 19% battery.

👨🏼‍💻Description Routes, weather conditions, difficulty level

Autumn can be beautiful and golden, and when we get conditions like we have, it’s fantastic, although it wasn’t warm 🙂 -1 in the morning and no more than 5-6 degrees during the day. Fortunately, there was no rainfall or major wind, so the effort was just right for us. Especially since the route is not easy, in our opinion, considering the overall distance and downhill sections, it is intended for advanced hikers with experience in the mountains. Just as getting from Czarna Góra to Śnieżnik on an electric bike is an easy matter, the 10.5 km descent to Dolni Morawa is fun for already well-experienced cyclists, because sections over large stones in the 0/1 style, which means you either ride boldly or lead, require more work. experience. Moreover, there is a similar surface in a few steep climbs along the way, where there is no room for reflection 🙂 There is also a similar place at the end of the route, at the second entrance to Śnieżnik. The route also has easy, very scenic sections which, according to them, taste better and the bigger the bang was ahead


On the way, at the beginning and end, there is the Śnieżnik Mountain Shelter and halfway through the complex in Dolni Morawa – here we recommend a restaurant right next to the ski lift at the end of the bike park lines. In both places you can eat well and, if necessary, recharge your batteries. The route itself has many options to shorten, lengthen, make the trail more difficult and easier. We chose the mixed option, partly due to the time of year and the length of the day. By the way, the time of year and what can be seen outside the window lately. Autumn is a time of extreme temperature differences in the morning, during the day and in the evening, so clothing is very important. The rule is one and as old as time. We dress like an onion, which allows us to freely regulate our body temperature in layers. We always have something against the wind that will allow us to close ourselves like a thermos when necessary. We start the ride so that we are slightly cool at the start – when it is comfortable, we will be hot during exercise, and when we undress, sweaty, it will be difficult to stay thermally comfortable. And finally – only the day before is the forecast reliable!

Best regards and see you on the trail
Ania i Przemek
@Enduro Electric

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