You receive a warranty for every product. All defects or malfunctions are promptly resolved, without unnecessary bureaucracy, and most importantly, without long waiting periods.

Bike Failure

When a problem occurs, we promptly resolve the issue, often on-site, immediately after the product is delivered to our facility. If there is a greater distance between us, we arrange for our courier to safely deliver the bicycle to us.

Replacement motor

In the event of an motor failure, after delivering the bike to our authorized point, you will receive a replacement motor immediately. But how? Normally! We will replace the damaged motor with a replacement one on the spot, so that you can continue to enjoy the bike without having to wait unnecessarily for the outcome of the complaint.


We have all the components available in our warehouse. You don't have to worry about importing parts from abroad and waiting for weeks for the component to arrive.


At our facility, we will advise you on which product to choose to meet your needs. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate size, adjusting the handlebar position, and choosing the correct suspension parameters. You will be taken care of by passionate specialists dedicated to the world of cycling.


You support a Polish brand with great ambitions. We take pride in our work, which translates into excellent relationships with our customers.

Motor Bafang M510

The latest and most innovative engine from the electric tycoon- 250W power.

Built-in 840WH Battery

Solution for demanding users

Carbon Frame

Effective damping of vibrations while driving - your comfort is our priority!

Intuitive Display & Individual Configuration

+ Individual Bike Configuration

The Correctly Selected Equipment

Tosa Bikes knows the realities of off-road riding extremely well and the completely different riding behavior of the Ebike, which is why we propose matching bike parts.

Shock absorbers are selected for the greater weight of the bike, always for eMTB applications – they always provide the best possible damping. Rock Shox Deluxe and ultimate series are the perfect complement to the carbon frame suspension for users with a slightly more aggressive riding style.

We try to choose tires that will provide adequate traction on mountain descents and climbs, both in dry and wet conditions. Four-piston brakes that will stop the bike effectively against any obstacle. We use 10-speed drivetrain on purpose to increase the reliability and failure-free operation of the bicycle.

Why should you choose TosaBikes?

Every electric bike has fundamental characteristics. Each user is characterized by style and individual preferences.

TosaBikes are characterized by versatility


The heart of the TOSA AM 1.0 model are Bafang engines in the M600 and M500 versions, which are characterized by reliability and practically negligible failure rate. The noise level during operation is kept below 55 db, and the high power and torque make these engines one of the most powerful on the market.


Our eBikes are always equipped with a high-quality braking system. An electric bikes has a much greater weight than traditional bicycles, so the brakes must provide us with safety. We use four-piston calipers and large brake disc diameters.


We have performed a series of field tests, verifying the durability and behavior of our bikes while riding in various conditions. Therefore, today we are sure that the solutions we propose, based on the latest technologies, will satisfy even the most demanding users.


Our priority and goal is the bicycle's reliability in the field and its failure-free operation. We equip the bike with reinforced components that will withstand the torque and will allow for a long ride.


Our eBike, as a few on the market, has such a large battery— 17.5 Ah 840 Wh. Such a capacious battery allows for long trips and fun in the field for a long time. Once your colleagues' bikes are low on battery power, you can continue to ride forward. Don't let the eBike with a small battery shorten your enjoyment! The battery is fully manufactured in Poland. It meets all applicable norms and standards.🇵🇱


We value the comfort of traveling. High-quality and modern solutions used in the front and rear shocks will ensure perfect selection of unevenness on the trails and routes. Good shocks guarantee optimal damping.

Are you looking for individual solutions?

We try to make our customer satisfied with the products we offer, therefore we also adapt to his needs!

In special and favorable conditions, TOSA BIKES allows individual order and configuration of the AM1.0 model. Individual configuration allows for the installation of various components and accessories to match the bicycle to the user’s riding style. You can feel like in a car showroom and choose many elements according to your wishes!

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