#3 Tosa MATE

#3 Tosa MATE

Is it possible to have a bike with a large battery capacity and a light “SL” bike in one?

While working on the new model, we were constantly looking for solutions that would allow you to use the electric bike in various ways. We like challenges and always try to solve problems.
Many of you would like to have batteries with a large capacity, which is associated with increased weight of the bike. Some people want to have a very light electric bike, with a small battery, so that they can do more during aggressive riding. In the new model, we have combined these two important features – high battery capacity and low weight. It will be possible to use a really large battery capacity in one bike, and when you want to have fun in the Bike Park, you will quickly turn your bike into a light MATE.
We combined two bikes into one. You won’t have to wonder which type of bike to choose – a light SL for fast and graceful fun, or a marathon runner with a large battery.
Let me know in the comments what you think about this solution?

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